Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Charter Schools

Why We Love Schools in Nibley, UT

Where students are raised and how they grow up shapes the rest of their lives. From the people around them to the foods they eat. Our surroundings have a distinct connection with our view and mentality of the world. It is why the right education means so much. It is why we love Utah, and it is why we love Thomas Edison Charter Schools.

An elementary school and middle school where critical thinking and understanding are their critical values as opposed to testing scores and watered-down curriculums. Education is about so much more than reading a book and remembering it long enough to answer a few questions on a test. It is about understanding what that book was about, how it effects you, how it impacts the world around you, and how to take what's good and important about what you learn and apply it.

"Do not follow in the footsteps of the masters, seek what they sought"

Promote education and self expression. Promote individuals with new and unique thoughts that question the status quo and spark discussions among fellow students all yearning to experience the world and everything in it. Who are we to stifle them? Many adults discuss daily the limits and corruption that have been placed on this world, and yet we unconsciously send our children into the same system every day because "we're supposed to". 

The other day my daughter was eating a piece of candy in the car and I thought nothing of it, we pulled over to look at rapids in a river and I yelled at our dog when he went to eat the same piece of candy. I immediately thought to myself, "how is it I am letting my child eat something that I'd never feed to my dog?". As much as I love my dog, this is my child. The same thing applies to our students education. 

How is it we are letting our children be molded by a system that we oppose and criticize every day?

That's why Thomas Edison Charter Schools are such a breath of fresh air. Organizations that are not bound by government standards and can create a curriculum they believe in and teach to the standards they set for themselves. The highest of standards with a passion and love that resonates through all of their students.

When you're looking for schools in Nibley, Utah or Logan, Utah - stop in to Thomas Edison Charter Schools before selecting a school for your children.